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Grab a Coke and Kick It

San Diego


Design Challenge


San Diego Sockers is a Major League Arena Soccer Team located in San Diego, California. The San Diego Sockers are a Professional Soccer team, and 14 time Indoor Arena Champions. The design challenge is to design a poster will encourage people to purchase Coke while being affiliated with the Sockers brand. The advertising campaign is sponsored by Coke. 




Design Solution

This advertisement represents the idea to "Grab a Coke and Kick it" with the San Diego Sockers. Each image in this ad expresses the excitement of being in the arena. The Sockers have a huge following on Instagram and Facebook, check out what there up to, by clicking @SandiegoSockers. This Sockers and Coke collaboration was displayed in front of Coke products for 4 weeks in grocery stores, 7/11s etc. (where Coke is purchased). This project was displayed in 75+ stores around Southern California.

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