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Design Challenge


The Museum of Modern Art offers the most modern art forms in the last 100 years. The Moma is an art place that fuels creativity and provides inspirations from past and present art. The design challenge is to design an identity and a modern way finding system for the MoMa. The target audience would be young adults to middle aged men and women who are interested in modern and contemporary art.



Design Solution

This museum is unlike any of its kind in its area because it has experimental art of the past and present time. The objective was to make this brand recognizable with color and modern elements throughout the museum. Color was added to the way finding experience throughout the Moma, therefore it is easy for customers to distinguish which floor they are on. This logo creates a modern feel for the brand, which is demonstrated throughout the museum. This retro and colorful movement sets the tone of the identity of the Museum of Modern Art.

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